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Pre & Post Care

Preparing for your Treatment

Be comfortable during the treatment. This may mean wearing sweatpants, or having a pillow under your knees. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make your more comfortable. Find the time of day that works best for you. Early or later, but try to feel well rested when you come in.

Avoid stimulants like caffeine, sugar and chocolate (and alcohol) before your appointment. You can treat yourself to whatever you want after your appointment is over!

Female clients can be more sensitive right before or during their menstrual cycle and may want to avoid appointments during that time.

Limit stress as much as possible on the day of the appointment. Many clients find that taking their favorite pain reliever 30 minutes prior to their appointment makes their treatment more comfortable. Try to avoid any pain relievers that contain caffeine.

There are topical pain relieving creams that are available with or without a prescription. EMLA (Rx) and LMX (non-Rx) work well. EMLA should be applied at least one hour before treatment.

When using a pain-relieving cream, apply a thick white layer like you’re frosting a cake and don’t rub it in. It works best when covered with plastic wrap, placed taut over the cream. It’s best not to remove the cream before coming into the office.

After your Treatment

You may experience some mild redness and slight swelling after your treatment.

Using an antibiotic cream like Neosporin or Polysporin can be helpful. Applying ice to the area immediately after treatment can be soothing. Be sure the ice does not touch your skin directly. Place ice in a baggie, then wrap it with a paper towel. Ice for 10 minutes, and then remove it. You can repeat this every hour.

Using Aloe Vera gel can help prevent tiny scab dots from forming, and makes the skin heal more quickly. If scab dots form, do not pick them off. Let them fall off when they’re ready.

Applying Hydrogen Peroxide can prevent pimples and pustules from forming. If they do develop, they can be treated with Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid. These are common ingredients in acne medications.

Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for 48 hours after treatment, and use sunscreen on the treated area if exposed to daylight.

  • Don’t touch, scratch, or pick at the treated area.
  • Don’t exfoliate the treated area for 48 hours after your session.
  • Don’t use heavy creams, foundation or similar products for 48 hours after treatment.
  • Don’t go in hot tubs or saunas, and avoid swimming for 48 hours.
  • Let us know of any skin reactions you experienced.